Database Development

Why Database Development?

Database software improvement is the system of acquiring actual-global requirements, analyzing requirements, designing the records and capabilities


What is SQL?
Why do we need SQL?
What is DataBase Management System? Types of DBMS
Execution Of SQL query
Difference Between SQL and MYSQL
Introduction to MySQL
Installation of MySQL server
Download sample database
Load sample database to work.
Basic SQL Keywords
Basic SELECT Statement
Limit/Offset, OrderBy, Distinct, Where, Comparison Operators, Null, Logical Operators, Aggregate Operators(Count, Max, Min, Avg, Sum), Group By, Having, Order Of Keywords, Wildcard Operators
What are Joins?
Inner Join, Outer Join, Left Join, Right Join, Self Join
SubQueries/NestedQueries/Inner Queries, Triggers +Views, Stored Procedures +Functions,
DML/DDL and Normalisation, DML:Insert, DML:Update, Delete DDL:Create Table, DDL:Alter:Add, Drop, Modify, DDL:Drop Table, Truncate, Delete, DCL:Data Control Language: GRANT,REVOKE
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