Microsoft Courses

Why Microsoft Courses?

Create a solid foundation for Microsoft IT infrastructure and cloud platform. Help you obtain global Training credentials through Microsoft and Microsoft Trainings. Prepare you with the necessary technical competencies to get the job and embark on a growing career as a Microsoft Cloud Engineer/ Administrator.


Microsoft Azure Syllabus
Module-1: Cloud Computing & Microsoft Azure Fundamentals
Introduction to Azure
Different segments SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS
Azure Regions and Data Centers
Understanding of Microsoft Azure portal
Introduction to all Azure services
Windows Azure Subscription
Setting Up a Trial Subscription
Installation of Azure cmdlets on windows PowerShell
Module-2: Azure Virtual Machines
Operating System Images Supported
Virtual Machine instances
Azure VM types and Pricing
Types of Provisioning
Disks & Images
Virtual Machine management, automation and scripting
Cloud Service and Resource Model Deployment
Setting up VM in Availability set using Load Balanced Endpoint
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