Why Oracle?

Our Oracle database course ranges from basic to advanced levels. Our Oracle trainers are Oracle database certified experts and experienced working professionals who have real-world experience with multiple Oracle projects. We designed our Oracle course content and syllabus to meet the needs of all students. Our Oracle training programme covers RDBMS database, Oracle fundamentals, Oracle PL/SQL, Oracle DBA, Oracle forms and reporting, Oracle performance tuning, Oracle real-time project, and Oracle database placement training.


Chapter 1: Introduction To SQL, Introduction Database, Understanding DBMS vs RDBMS, Gone through SQL Standards, Sub languages of SQL, Difference between 10g vs 11g vs 12c, Installation of 12c, About SQL*Plus and use of developer tool,
Datatypes in Oracle
Operators in Oracle, Understanding Schema design and objects,
Chapter 2: Data Retrieval Techniques, How to use select statement in different ways to retrieve records?
Working with Column alias, Working with Table alias, Data filtering and sorting with in single table,
Clauses and its types in oracle,
Where clause, Having clause, From clause, Group by clause, Order by clause, Using clause, Constraint clause, For update clause,
Chapter 3: Working With DDL Commands, Table creation using CREATE statement, Creating table from another table, Dropping a table using DROP command, Altering the column of a table, Modifying the column datatype in a table, Renaming the column of a table, Renaming an entire table, Using truncate command, Difference between Delete and Truncate command, Chapter 4: Working With DML Commands, How to copy data from one table to another table?, How to copy the structure alone from a table?, Different types of inserting row to an existing table, Updating any value of with in a record using UPDATE command, Deleting a particular record from a table, Using merge & insert all command [Implementation of Project 1 ],
Chapter 5: Integrity Constraints
How to declare column level constraints?, How to declare row level constraints ?, How to add constraints to an existing table?, Types of integrity constraints, Not null, Unique key, Primary key, Referential integrity,
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